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Mordecai = Done

This weekend, I finished everything with Mordecai. Proficiencies are done, and I have all the guns I want for him. Therefore, I started a new character. I wanted a game that was completely different from playing it with Mordecai, so I started it with Brick.

i had a very difficult decision to make. i could either make it on my profile, and get more acheivements for Borderlands, or I could make it on another so a friend could use it when they came over. I decided to make it under a profile.

Brick is a lot different from Mordecai. No strategy. At all. Whatsoever. I esentiallt just ran around with a shotgun, shooting and punching everything that moved. However, being new at this, I am not very good at it and found myself dying more than I should.

So yeah, fun times, got to level thirteen, making a tank, hoping to play again soon!

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