With all missions in both playthroughs finally done, I decided I should max my weapon proficiencies (and maybe get some sweet new guns) before turning to the challenge list. I still haven't gotten the DLCs yet, so these semi-interesting tasks should hold me over.

I used this pattern of attack- start in New Haven, and check the chests for anything good. Then, New-U over to the descent. Because I have 5 points in trespass, killing guardians is a trivail task, plus they give me anywhere from 5,000 to 17,000 experience, leveling up my guns very fast. I would wipe out all the lance and guardians in The Descent, check all the chests, and then move on to the Eridian Promontory and do the same thing. Then restart the game, and restart the cycle.

You'll be happy to know I cleared the proficiencies for all weapons except for Launchers and Eridian Weapons, which Trespass does not help. I'll have to level them up against the Rakk Hive I guess... fun.

However, the real story is in all the awesome loot I got. First off, the Torgue Cobra is godly. I found a lance using it, and whilst being killed with it I assumed it to be a rocket launcher, because of the high explosive damage it did. I quickly learned that it is one of the best sniper rifles in the game.

I also got the amazing incendiary trio of the Firehawk, Hellfire, and Volcano. Four Volcanoes, to be exact. So much for randomization! And its too bad I already compleated the "pyromaniac" challenge, but I'm sure I'll still have fun with these bad boys.

On top of that, I got several other orange rarity weapons, including the Pestilent Defiler and the Jacobs Striker (which won't hyperlink?). The Striker is one of the best shotguns I've ever used. It was able to pick off guardians at Combat Rifle range!

All in all, it was a sucessful weekend. I can't wait till next, when I'll have enough free time to finish those proficencies!

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