So its finally the weekend again, and that means more time to play Borderlands! I got a chance to play a little on Wednesday, which is rare as I'm usually way to busy during the week. I worked on getting my rocket launcher proficiency up. I would weaken the Rakk Hive with my double anarchy and then let the launcher get the final hit in. I've already decided to up my Eridian proficiencies against enemies in the lost cave... I'm really tired of the repetitiveness if going up against the Rakk hive. At least there's different types of Eridians to use, and the Lost Cave has plenty of different enemy types....

Oh. And lets not forget about the chests. Plenty of farming oppertunity here. I also want to get my fill of New Haven farming before I download the new patch on sunday. Its gonna be a pretty busy weekend. Inspiration is abound when you see a picture of a Pestilent Defiler that did over 1000 damage, without even adding in skills, proficiency, and the x$ elemental effect chance.

I also want to get a few more challenges and achievements under my belt before the weekends up, but that's low priority right now. Gunslinga 20:01, March 19, 2010 (UTC)Gunslinga

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