heres a list of things id like to see in the presequel:

legendarys are easier to obtain, since there wont probably be as many bosses on the moon and because its frustrating to spend hours trying to get one gun, when in the past ive gotten random legendarys from loot chests and loot midgets even on pl1 in borderlands 1 and 2 if I was lucky

if pearlescent weapons return, hopefully the majority of them wont suck

seraph weapons like the seraphim and stinger to return

the fall of new haven

a reference to halo and or mass effect

tone down the ai difficulty even on pl1, cause it was annoying when im down and they ran to cover or away from me to where I cant kill them like the cowards they are

make it where no single manufacture or only 3 of the manufacturers make guns that actually can kill stuff and increase the damage guns do as you level up, I didn't like how I could find a purple gun but yet a green one is better at times, same w blue weapons

thank you for reading

have a nice day.

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