• Hyperion CEO

    Hey People, Really Want Some Kick Ass Weapons(On Special Lookout For Pearlescent Stuff), Some Ideas Or Trades Would Be Much Appreciated, Ive Got 2 Characters, A Lvl 61 Brick And My Best Weapons For Him Are As Follows:

    AR40 Steel Mauler : 361 Dam 79.2 Acc 9.8 FR (+116% Dam +40%FR)

    RWL20 Steel Redemption: 3168 Dam 88.8 Acc 1.1 FR (+170% Dam +40% FR X4Elec)

    DL200 Bloody Unforgiven: 1270 Dam 96.4 Acc 0.6 FR (+209% Dam +200% Critical Hit Dam)

    EQ300-B Bloody Equalizer: 1075 Dam 92.6 Acc 1.6 FR (+200% Melee Dam, 4.2x Weapon Zoom, +60% reload Speed +22 Ammo Regen)

    HX 240 Double Anarchy: 114x4 Dam 31.7 Acc 12.5 FR (3.9xWeapon Zoom -12% Reload Speed + 54 Mag Size)

    GGN550 Fearsome Thunder: 1070 Dam 98.6 Acc 0.5 FR (+57% Dam +200% Crit Hit Dam 1.0x Weapon Z…

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