Okay so after having the DLC2 for about two months, I finally toughened up and beat the Prove Yourself mission in the Underdome. It was honestly a cakewalk. I beat the Gully prior to this, so I felt ready to take on the Angelic Ruins and Hellburbia. Took on the Angelic Ruins first, got downed once the whole time. Pat on the back. Took me 45 minutes to beat it, but once I saw that box checked next to Beat Angelic Ruins, I knew it was worth it. The Hellfire basically tore up every wave, using the serpens for the horde wave (Because of those damn flaming maniacs). Orion on the Guardians, ect. It was a fun time even though I was soloing it. Hellburbia is a similar story, minus the Guardians and replacing them with skags. joy. i hate skags, theyre always jumping and i cant stand it. Anyway, after beating the five Hellburbia waves, i checked for loot. nothing. absolutely nothing. Didnt matter though. Ran over to the Bounty Board and turned that mission on in. SKILL POINT. Theyre very nice, stuck it into Cauterize. Anyway. thats my big and only story for today. as a final word, all i have to say is, thanks Moxxi for the extra 6% Cauterize heath/damage exchange!

I-Am-Borderlands 00:49, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

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