I Dominions I

aka Rob

  • I live in Bangor, Maine
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Chef
  • I am Male
  • I Dominions I

    Looking for some players to join me on the quest through UVHM.  I'm a level 55 Zero (over farmed and now my weapons don't hold up to the enemies in UVHM) Been rolling solo for a looong time and just want to get a solid team of players an start doings some co-op.  I'm always down for farming, sharing the loot fairly, and am a team player.  XBox 360 Gamertag: I Dominions I    Message me anytime.  I have some legendaries to throw around (several level 48 Bee's and a mish mash of other things) Can farm BNK3R for the Sham/Bitch, Terramorphous for the HIde/Blood/Breathe of Terramorphous, etc.  I need to get a sandhawk at around level 55, a Lyuda, Mongol, Redundant Fibber, Unkempt Harold (guns that still work well with the Bee) We can farm to get…

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