Looking for some players to join me on the quest through UVHM.  I'm a level 55 Zero (over farmed and now my weapons don't hold up to the enemies in UVHM) Been rolling solo for a looong time and just want to get a solid team of players an start doings some co-op.  I'm always down for farming, sharing the loot fairly, and am a team player.  XBox 360 Gamertag: I Dominions I    Message me anytime.  I have some legendaries to throw around (several level 48 Bee's and a mish mash of other things) Can farm BNK3R for the Sham/Bitch, Terramorphous for the HIde/Blood/Breathe of Terramorphous, etc.  I need to get a sandhawk at around level 55, a Lyuda, Mongol, Redundant Fibber, Unkempt Harold (guns that still work well with the Bee) We can farm to get our team up to par with each other and move the story along. Hit me up if you want to work towards any of these legendaries, or whatever you need, and let's go blow some shit up!  

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