Anyone else have a copy of Borderlands 1 with just the first two DlC's for the longest time, while playing one character long enough to get over 10 million xp? I played one character solo for about 200 hours, accumulated 30,000,860 xp before downloading the GotY edition DlC packs, and recieved the level cap increase. The first time I loaded the game after downloading them, my game slowed after the blue tunnel spawn effect sequence and seemed to go into ffyl while leveling up, althogh after the nineteenth level up sound my solider was simply standing there as if nothing had happened, albeit with 19 skill points to spend. When I opened my inventory, i noticed that the first item was a dark orange weapon dubbed the "Stock Repeater Pistol". I selected it, and was amazed to find it did over half a million points of damage on the card, and was invisible. When I tried it on a skag outside of Fyrestone where I had spawned, it just dissapeared ino a red ust, with '999999' posted as the damage. This damage persisted, and it seems to this day the only opponent this weapon can't kill in one hit is Crawmerax, which takes seven, one on each critical zone. While I try not to use this weapon, as it breaks the game for me, I cannot help but wonder exactly where this invisible weapon comes from. I never mod, I have never taken my character online, and have never played along side anyone with modded gear. What happened?

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