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Alright, I have been playing Borderlands for a couple of months and It rocks. (ps3 version). I have gotten both D.L.C.'s for it as well. Anyone intrested in playing the Mox arena quests get ahold of me. Soldier lvl 50, completed both playthroughs singularly. I do not know who gives the brain collection quest, but am aware of how annoying all the extra popups are when in the heat of battle. I read alot about weapon rarity and orange being better than others. In my findings, I have noticed that this usually holds true but is not always the case. Do not discount a less rare or Undercolor weapon as inferior until tried in battle against the upper colored one. Check your weapon stats before dumping it to the machines. I truely look forward to getting the General Knox DLC, How about Headset capability? It would be a much cooler cooperative experience. If you've got weapons to trade or need a specific item let me know. I do a considerable amount of farming. Later, Ironforge666...Ironforge666 02:01, February 18, 2010 (UTC)

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