Ok. Why is there no way to save during Underdome battles? Getting through 100 battles is a time consuming process that cannot always be accomplished in one sitting. Let's just say, that the ability to save is greatly needed. Think of it this way, after 57 battles you have to leave the house for something and BooM!!! No Save!!! Now you have to start again, from the begining, which Sucks!! This in no way suggests the dumbing down of the battles or the lessening of the opponents individual strengths,to reach completion, what it does allow for is a measure of realistic replayability, giving the user a reason to follow through instead of just saying F#%* it. If there is no forseeable new DLC for North America then update already existing zones for the people who have them. If you can readjust weapon drops to make them more level appropriate, then throw in some extra area, Unlock a few more doors, add a couple quests, something..

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