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June 30, 2012
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  • Irongrom

    Bloglist Test

    July 6, 2012 by Irongrom

    Ok, it seems to kinda work in Preview - but my user:Blog tab still looks like a dog's dinner. I'd appreciate any & all comments/help. Especially:-

    • How do I make this page my new User:Blog tab? (If I remove the 'sandbox' parameter from Source, will everything fall into place automatically?)
    • How do I stop the bloglist appearing as an article on the bloglist page? (Do I add the 'noinclude' to the source of the Bloglist page itself?)

    While I can find an Edit/Add Page tab on other pages, on my user:Blog tab it only gives the option to Create Blog Post, not Add or Edit.

    Meanwhile, back to the drawing board. Haven't had this much fun since Bloodwing built a nest outta my tennis racquet. 04:24, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Irongrom

    Dumb Stuff I've Done In The Borderlands...

    Dashing out from behind The Rock (see #Notes in Phase Four:Reboot) to grab a few oilcans to get The Lubricator award - I was so busy grabbing loot - I got run over by Minac...

    While grabbing Corpse-eater eggs for the Eggcellent Opportunity quest, I spotted a cool sniper rifle just past the jetty - I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I got lasered to the beejeezus 3 or 4 times before I gave up in disgust...

    Entrance to the Arid Hills, (Find Sledges Safe-House) I laid a cunning trap for the mob of Skags - hide in the pipe, lay a few proximity mines, trusty Incendiary Sniper to hand & I'm set to toast everything that comes near - how wuz I to know the AI program allowed the skags to sneak round the back of the pipe? I wi…

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  • Irongrom

    So there I was, enjoying the heck outta RAGE - & it finished - not with a grand finale, just kinda fizzled out...

    "Hmmm", (thinks to self) "wot to do now?" Lo & behold, I discover a game called BORDERLANDS. It picks up where Rage shoulda gone, & then some! From the opening movie & the catchy tune, I've been hooked, I dig the lighthearted but grim humour. Ok, so everyone's been playing it for eons, but I thought I'd share some first impressions as a newcomer to this fine game & its DLCs.

    Claptrap - Gotta luv the little tyke "check me out, I'm dancin" - altho if he had a neck there are times I'd gleefuly strangle him just for the peace & quiet.

    Skags - I do NOT recommend you smack one of these creatures with a rolled-up newspaper & say "bad dog…

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