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Stoopid Things (Greed Will Get Ya Dead)

Dumb Stuff I've Done In The Borderlands...

Claptrap Robo-lution
Dashing out from behind The Rock (see #Notes in Phase Four:Reboot) to grab a few oilcans to get The Lubricator award - I was so busy grabbing loot - I got run over by Minac...
Jakobs Cove
While grabbing Corpse-eater eggs for the Eggcellent Opportunity quest, I spotted a cool sniper rifle just past the jetty - I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I got lasered to the beejeezus 3 or 4 times before I gave up in disgust...
Arid Hills (P.T.1)
Entrance to the Arid Hills, (Find Sledges Safe-House) I laid a cunning trap for the mob of Skags - hide in the pipe, lay a few proximity mines, trusty Incendiary Sniper to hand & I'm set to toast everything that comes near - how wuz I to know the AI program allowed the skags to sneak round the back of the pipe? I wisely chose to leg it for higher ground - only to find some dastardly fiend had laid a minefield in my escape route...
Dahl Headlands
Woohoo, I thought, a great open space where I can open up the Outrunner, maybe even learn to drive it in a straight line. Don't ask me how, but gettin some serious air over a sand dune, I managed to land it on its backside. I shitteth thee not, dear reader, there it stood, straight as a soldier - sticking up in the air on its bum-end. That early in the game I wasn't aware you could melee vehicles, or flip them when they roll over, never occurred to me to just quit out - so I trekked wearily all the way back to Lucky's. Along the way I discovered the Dahl Headlands is quite well populated, & none of them folks wanna be your friend...

It's early days, I'm sure there'll be more to come 120px-Bldsig 08:25, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

Update: This Blog
Somehow managed to unclick the "leave a comment" button during initial edit - oops, my bad...
IGbldiconIGtxt2 13:38, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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