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    Busy week

    May 9, 2010 by Itripped

    I'm not sure where I left off but well, I had a week off with a strained back muscle and yeah - I played a fair amount of Borderlands. As Roland I made it through to the end of playthrough one, defeating the destroyer and have now started in on General Knoxx. This is where we pick up with him...

    I'm starting to like this place. Seems to have everything I need and unlike the Vault which really was a questionable objective, The Atlas Armoury seems like a much more solid lead. Of course, the big problem I tend to have these days is with driving infractions. But still, I covered a lot of ground to get here so I ain't complainin'. Along the way I picked up a Tediore Caustic Equalizer - it only has 2 rounds (3 if I use the right class mod) but so…

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  • Itripped

    I am appreciating the increase in mobility now that I have the vehicular transport operational again. I've been making my rounds, talking with the locals, being helpful whenever possible. However as I continue discussions it is becoming apparent that there is a terrorist organization in these parts that could very well require further actions to be taken against them.

    I am starting to learn the ways of these people and apparently this terror organization identifies itself by wearing old hockey masks. Knowing this makes it a lot easier to identify enemies and streamlines the negotiation process. I recieved a tip from a local about a cave nearby that might also be a hangout for these goons so I set off to explore it.

    Purple crayfish.

    I am not k…

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  • Itripped

    After spending a day hunting wildlife and general peacekeeping activities I stumbled across another objective: to re-activate the transport system for the locals. This involved removing a couple obstacles. First, I had to assess the damage of the terminal. This clearly showed that I would need spare parts and the locals pointed out the nearest vendor, a chap named Bonehead. I am not making this up. My plan of course, was to approach him and either buy or trade for the part in question.

    I arrive, signal my intentions and Bonehead opens fire, forcing me to take cover and to enter into 'hostile negotiations'. I figured if I reduced the number of his forces somewhat that he might be more reasonable. Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect a…

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  • Itripped

    After consulting with the village healer (Zed) and village elder (TK), it seemed that I should try to settle the dispute they seemed to have with a local hoodlum who went by the alias of 'Nine Toes'. My plan was to visit him at his place and hopefully come to some form of resolution to their dispute. Of course, this meant dealing with some of the rampant wildlife that seems to breed faster than rabbits in Georgia.

    I arrived at Nine Toes' establishment and was greeted with a pack of rabid animals that I was forced to dispatch in order to ensure my safety. This in turn angered a pair of shotgun weilding midgets who promptly attacked. Again, they were dispatched. Things were not looking up for the scheduled meeting with Mr. Nine Toes.

    I knew th…

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  • Itripped


    April 21, 2010 by Itripped

    A new computer deserves a fresh start, so once I got Windows 7, steam and Borderlands all installed and configured on my shiny new macbook pro I decided that maybe instead of copying over character files and miscellaneous gunk that I would just start anew.

    I'm starting a Roland character this time and haven't yet found his voice. I'm sure it will come with time. Anyway, enough with the preface.

    Never have I been so eager to get off a bus. Man was I ever getting motion sickness on that ride. Especially after the driver ran over a skag - man what a smell! By the end of the ride I was having delusions of hot women speaking to me and such. I definitely feel I'm losing my edge. Maybe this place will help me get it back.

    'Fresh off the boat' as the…

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