I'm not sure where I left off but well, I had a week off with a strained back muscle and yeah - I played a fair amount of Borderlands. As Roland I made it through to the end of playthrough one, defeating the destroyer and have now started in on General Knoxx. This is where we pick up with him...

I'm starting to like this place. Seems to have everything I need and unlike the Vault which really was a questionable objective, The Atlas Armoury seems like a much more solid lead. Of course, the big problem I tend to have these days is with driving infractions. But still, I covered a lot of ground to get here so I ain't complainin'. Along the way I picked up a Tediore Caustic Equalizer - it only has 2 rounds (3 if I use the right class mod) but so far, it has been my trusty sidearm. I use it more than my combat rifles! On that front, well rifles come and rifles go. I have a hard time finding a good one - it's either wimpy, has too small a clip or only shoots in burst mode which really kind of sucks when you think about it. Anyway, I'm still sorting that mess out.

I'm thinking about adding rockets to my turret as well. You know, for when your car gets smashed and there are still other vehicles in the area. Just looking for that little somethin' extra to finish a job that got too ugly. So what do you think I can expect to find in this armoury, anyhow? I could really use a good shotgun, and a combat rifle. I never say no to sniper rifles but really they are secondary so long as I can deliver a good shot in close, you hear me?

Anyway, I've met up with Moxi and now I have some road work to do. Just another little mess to clean up - my kind of work.

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