So I am starting to think that just about everybody has death and dismemberment insurance on this rock. That, and I get the sense there is either one hell of a coverup or the New-U stations all glitched and everybody on the damn planet all lost their memory of the last month or so. (Same goes for the satellite chick too, I suppose.) As far as I can recall I got the ECHO thing working again, Descended down the canyon and followed the Eridian Promontory. Taking out the bugs was pretty easy but those armored dudes, well I pretty much have to headshot those bastids if I want to keep a safe distance.

Eventually I get to the Vault and watch as the blonde chick takes it in the back. This 'Destroyer' thing, well it required some patience... and a lot of damn bullets. While my sniper rifle was working very well it soon became clear (when I heard the clicky-click sound of an empty chamber) that I couldn't carry enough ammo to complete the job. So once again it paid off to have picked up so many of these alien guns along the way. But man it took FOR-EV-ER. So much standing around, peeking around rocks, hitting the same damn eye over and over AND OVER again. Mental note: next time, make sure I can regen ammo for my sniper rifle. That is a MUST.

So I get the job done, visit Tannis again at her place this time and left feeling like a cheap hooker being paid not to say anything. Money only works well when I can actually BUY something with it. Otherwise, it's just a number. To console myself I visited Crimson Fastness to see what I could find. My current sniper rifle is best described as 'adequate' so I hunted around until I found another Surkov - I did find a volcano that may require some testing too. Oh, and my pistol was upgraded to a Tediore Equalizer. Not the biggest gun in my pocket, but adequate nonetheless. Hmm. There is that word again. Adequate.

Well it's decided, Playthrough one is dead to me now. Next time at bat, I'm going to tackle the memory loss of those I headshotted the last time around. Why the hell not?

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