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Echos travel well in a Canyon

Itripped March 30, 2010 User blog:Itripped

After visiting the Armoury a few times I learned an important lesson: the kit on PT1 just isn't going to compare against PT2. That and well, I was getting the boreds. That and I wasn't getting a lot of good snipers, at least not when I was getting picky enough to only look for orange ones.

So I went back to PT2 and headed into Krom's Canyon looking for trouble (and food for Earl). I figure it had been about a week since I left that crazy guy hungry and well, he NEVER leaves his shack so he must be good and starving by now. I was not wrong. Anyway, it was good to once again be testing out my kit on proper targets. One of the last items I did find in the armoury was an Orion sniper with x3 explosive - but it only did about three hunnert in damage. It was 'okay' but I didn't like the feel of it. Well that, and the zoom was kind of weak.

I did try it out against Krom - I tried 3 different guns on him actually. I had an Eridian sniper dealing 404 damage but literally no zoom to it. That gun I keep around for when I run low on bullets (which is often) but it also makes the Orion redundant as shields aren't really a concern for me. Ultimately I ended up finishing things off (quickly) with the Surkov, mostly because with it's decent zoom I could get in there to place the right shots. This one deals 565 dmg and only has a clip of 3 (4 with loaded) but the reload time is so short it really doesn't matter. I do find I reload between enemies though.

Really, the canyon was just an exercise in gear testing. It's not like Krom has ever been that challenging or provided much of a payoff. But with that out of the way, Earl got fed and Patricia got a little piece of 'sumthin sumthin'. Which finally brings me to some of the best places in the game: Jaynistown and Old Haven. Just the thought of that has me so excited that I had to stop what I was doing and relax for a bit. I headed back to New Haven to check on the 'good' weapon vendor (it had crap) and that made me sad so I headed to the little bar in the back corner nobody talks about. I need time to think - and to figure out my drink, next move.

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