So I completed the last of the Altar Ego missions, killing Slither. It's only playthrough one so he was an easy bug to squash, even with my mediocre shotgun. This meant I finally got the Dove as a quest reward.

How underwhelming. It might have endless bullets, but it will take at least that many to actually kill something.

I got over the disappointment and decided it was time to move on to the salt flats. I arrived and checked out the vending machines - honestly, they sell a lot of crap these days, no wonder the bandits are so easy to kill. I stopped at the first bandit camp out of boredom. Well, really I wanted to test my sniper rifle a bit more. I think this one is adequate for now at least.

Next step was to take out four of those bandit cars - easy enough when my car has the rocket launcher. I swear, the only time I switch for a machine gun is if I am having trouble with Mothrakk but even then I figure I will just try sniping from cover next time. While driving around I decided to explore a little bit and found the Devil's Footstool. I noted the location and moved on for now. Anyway, the bandit patrols were easy enough and I had time to clear a path around Thor to get underneath it. Nothing worthwhile came from the red chests but that's ok for now. I'll see about meeting the Baron tomorrow if all goes well. After all, he's been so hospitable this far.

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