Today had me helping out TK some more as well as repairing the Catch a Ride terminal near Fyrestone. TK wanted some seeds or something which had me going back to the Arid Badlands. While I was there I found some tapes which had baked in the sun a little too long, took out Skar and his pack, collected up the seeds and generally eliminated every skag I could find. And a few rakks too. The weather was so nice, thanks to the Maliwan the place was smelling like smoked meat - hell, I should have had a bbq right then and there.

But there was no beer.

That seems to be a common complaint in these parts and is a pretty big reason why I'm itching to get out of Fyrestone. But there always seems to be something to unlock, keys to fetch, gulleys to jump over, that sort of thing. But I'm on my way - I met this guy named Shep who thought he might know where I could find the keys to Sledge's place. If memory serves (and it doesn't serve well - it isn't just the natives who have memory loss) I need to pay the big guy a special visit for some payback from last time. This time, I'ma gonna bring bigger guns.

No special finds today, even though I hit each and every red chest in the Arid Badlands. The weapon vendor at Fyrestone really is a big disappointment too.

In totally unrelated news, I finally got my foursquare account set up and am now the mayor of Fyrestone! Nobody tell Zed, okay? I'd also be the mayor of TK's house but I can't get internets there no matter how hard I try. I should see if I can set it up for Sledge's Mine.

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