I am appreciating the increase in mobility now that I have the vehicular transport operational again. I've been making my rounds, talking with the locals, being helpful whenever possible. However as I continue discussions it is becoming apparent that there is a terrorist organization in these parts that could very well require further actions to be taken against them.

I am starting to learn the ways of these people and apparently this terror organization identifies itself by wearing old hockey masks. Knowing this makes it a lot easier to identify enemies and streamlines the negotiation process. I recieved a tip from a local about a cave nearby that might also be a hangout for these goons so I set off to explore it.

Purple crayfish.

I am not kidding, these things look like overgrown purple lobsters, only I'm the one on the menu instead of them. It's a good thing I brought the scorpio with me as it proved to be a handy means to distract and dissect them. The simplest thing was to kill them off though as I wasn't sure if I had to backtrack or not - turns out that this was a good idea as the cave only had one entrance. One thing I learned back home is that a lobster can put up a good fight - this is especially true when it's bodymass is four times your own. It was slow going and at one point I had to bbq up some just to have the energy to continue on. I am not embarrassed to say that they made for some damn fine eating. Maybe I was just hungry.

Moving on. I did encounter another terror cell and recieved the usual reception (they basically shoot first with no questions - ever). I am able to report that the cell was eliminated although recovery of any plans was not possible. One of those claptrap robots was encountered though, and I repaired it hoping that it had some viable intel for me. That was not the case. Instead I think it's circuitry is fried beyond what I was able to repair as it started to dance about (literally) and appeared to have lost basic motor control. Hopefully it's owner will reclaim it and appreciate my efforts. I noted that the one wheel design does not seem to be well suited for this undeveloped area.

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