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It's Ice Cream Day! (oh boy!)

Itripped March 24, 2010 User blog:Itripped

Man, Athena is all hard edges. And that armor does NOTHING for her, looks-wise. Anyway, enough of my griping. Today I had to go find a code and kill a couple guys. Fair enough, seemed reasonable. At least no worse than has been asked of me by any of the other women on Pandora. I decided to get on with the murderin' first, so I drove down the highway until I came to where Kyros was camped out. He actually tried to out-snipe me! I think I let him get a few shots off before Bloodwing swung wide and put an end to things. When I went to see what I could forage from his remains another pack of lady assassins arrived, catching me off guard. I ended up switching to my shotgun and finishing them off close and personal like. Mostly because I didn't have much choice.

I was able to pick up Kryos' power though, which is an interesting gun. I'm not sure if I need a gun that heals me with use though. I'd rather have something more focused on doing it's primary job. Still, I equipped it and gave it a try as I made my way to Typhon. I had heard that Typhon was supposed to be tougher of the two but that didn't turn out to be the case. Maybe that's because I lined up a nice head shot that hit mere seconds after Blood took a swipe at him and then it was game over for Typhon.

All that was left to do was to head back to the spot under the road where I found a most bizarre tape recording about ice cream. I sprinted over to the world's largest bullet only to find there was no ice cream left for me. I was so upset that I murdered everyone on site. I'm back at T-Bone junction now but it's still not the same. Where was the Rocky Road that was promised to me?

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