After spending a day hunting wildlife and general peacekeeping activities I stumbled across another objective: to re-activate the transport system for the locals. This involved removing a couple obstacles. First, I had to assess the damage of the terminal. This clearly showed that I would need spare parts and the locals pointed out the nearest vendor, a chap named Bonehead. I am not making this up. My plan of course, was to approach him and either buy or trade for the part in question.

I arrive, signal my intentions and Bonehead opens fire, forcing me to take cover and to enter into 'hostile negotiations'. I figured if I reduced the number of his forces somewhat that he might be more reasonable. Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect and I was forced to eliminate them all, to a man. This is the first time I have been on a world with the ultimate in death and dismemberment insurance - how do I know if they are insured or not? Also, it would appear that some of the wildlife is also ensured, a puzzling practice. There was one beast, Skar, that I know I have shot more than twice now.

But back to the report, I managed to get the vehicular dispenser working and removed the roadblock just outside of town. The locals seemed pleased with my efforts.

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