Well I got cocky. Somehow I figured I could go take out Mothrakk with my Elephant gun. This is what I get for sharing a few beers with Helena the other night. She made it sound so 'adventurous' and all that. Bottom line, I barely scratched the thing. I mean, I gave it all I had at the time and still couldn't take it down. For all I know it's still there, circling in the air, waiting for me.

I seriously need a better gun.

A few more bags of ammo would be nice too, but I have to make do with what I have I guess. I eventually had to abandon the Mothrakk mission for now - I WILL BE BACK. (with a better gun, and another level or two.) As a consolation prize I decided to head over to see Patricia. Why does she have to act so superior? Especially when she is so damn crazy? Anyway, she gave me the idea of going to hang out with Earl - he's a pretty good guy once you get to know him. On the way over though, I encountered a caustic bad mutha skag (or whatever it's called). Anyway, once again, my best sniper guns failed me. I actually had to switch to a x4 incendiary rocket launcher to weaken it and then lead it to a spot where it couldn't quite get to me - then wait for it to roar in frustration and (yay) switch back to the elephant gun to feed it some mouth sores.

I eventually convinced Earl to let me in (I brought beer, he had BBQ) and we partied into the night. Advice to others: do NOT play Texas Holdem with this man!

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