What a difference a level makes.

When I tried taking on Mothrakk before, I was one level less than she. I busied myself with other things and returned after gaining just a little bit of experience and voila! The mothrakk beast was defeatable. After that I went into the DLC on playthrough 1 just to get a feel for things. I'm a bit overpowered with this character but wanted to see the new sights.

(Now back to my regular voice of Mordecai)

Well the flying snake is dead. All I really needed to do was sober up, I guess. That Earl, what a crazy guy - he put some good ideas in my head. I did empty his liquor cabinet that one night so as a favour I went out and 'bought' him some more beer. Just going to the coast was such a breath of fresh air. So yeah, like I said, I headed back to pay Mothrakk a visit. It turned out that the Elephant gun was just fine for this. It took a little while and I camped out at the Arena entrance but I did get the job done. BOOYAH!

After that, I felt like celebrating so I headed over to T-bone junction. What a strange place! First off, it's way windy and that really messes up my aim (or at least it would, if I wasn't so awesome). My first mission was to find Scooter again, which was easier than easy. I can relate to this guy - my dad was a mechanic too. Anyway, I helped him fix up the monster truck and took it out for some 'murderin', making it all the way to Scooter's mom. Heh. yeah, for real. I'm camped out at Scooter's mom's digs and well, I think she digs me. This is MY kind of town!

Just don't tell Scooter.

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