I am happy to report that the good people of Fyrestone are no longer being menaced by Nine Toes and his gang.

But why did i have to go purchase another grenade for TK? Seriously that man is losing his marbles.

I have to say, Skags are FUN now! Holy crap I never knew those beasties could get so angry.... hehehe. Right out of the gate I ran into one particularly nasty skag who happened to drop an elemental shock artifact (lvl4). Bloodwing was excited about that although the bitch did cause me to go down. Once I got my second wind I finished up and headed back to Zed. From there well I did some odd jobs until someone mentioned Nine Toes. I remember that horny bastard from last time so I went in with a little nervousness and a Maliwan Volcano. Now let's be clear - I had maybe ten minutes practice with this gun before doing this and well, it ain't all that. But it does seem to be good for taking out the skags and bandits running around this place so I figured I'd try it on the freaky man with three balls.

The Maliwan did indeed pave the way to his door. Quite easily, in fact. When I met up with Niner and his dogs, well I just hopped up to the nosebleed seats and was surprised at how effective fire is against a man noted for shooting a fire pistol. I guess the old saying is true - fight fire with fire. So when Nine Boys fell down burning I was a little let down. It was only at that point that I noticed his pets so I burned them up too. I can't remember the last time I have had to resort to my shotgun anymore, I think this Volcano might become an adequate sidearm.

This is a good thing because on my way to Nine Toes I did happen to pick up my first 500+ dmg sniper rifle. Nothing special with it, but it does a decent RoF and posts the biggest numbers so far. I think I like it - at least for now. I wonder if my old buddy Sledge will like it too. I have always found it to be cold in that room, maybe I will have to use the Maliwan to warm it up a bit.

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