A new computer deserves a fresh start, so once I got Windows 7, steam and Borderlands all installed and configured on my shiny new macbook pro I decided that maybe instead of copying over character files and miscellaneous gunk that I would just start anew.

I'm starting a Roland character this time and haven't yet found his voice. I'm sure it will come with time. Anyway, enough with the preface.

Never have I been so eager to get off a bus. Man was I ever getting motion sickness on that ride. Especially after the driver ran over a skag - man what a smell! By the end of the ride I was having delusions of hot women speaking to me and such. I definitely feel I'm losing my edge. Maybe this place will help me get it back.

'Fresh off the boat' as they used to say back in training camp. We always gave the new recruits a hard time, just to see who had any real guts to 'em. Now here I am getting shown the ropes again, like I'm the noob. I don't even get a real Sarge to look up to either - just this noisy tin can who, after giving me a comm link, only managed to open doors and get shot. At least I was able to locate what appears to be the only medic for the area. He must outrank me though as he put me on several maintenance jobs almost as soon as I arrived. Zed, I think he said his name was. Zed and TK. What a pair. This feels less and less like a peacekeeping mission the more I dig into what's going on around here.

That's all I care to say for now, tomorrow I hope to start exploring a new area - apparently there is a criminal element here that I might be able to use to improve my standing with the locals. We will see how that works out.

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