Well okay then. It would seem that everybody has relocated to T-Bone Junction. It seems I spent too much time with Moxi and she wanted me to take out her ex. After MUCH driving I finally got to this prison yard?? On a planet swarming with convicts it seems kind of odd. Also, it seems that it is the local gay district now? Not that there is anything wrong with that I suppose, but it might explain why Shank was no longer with Moxi.

Or maybe Shank being dead is a better explanation.

Anyway, I caught up to Athena and gave her the teleportation gizmo so she could get out of her cell. I'll just say that getting back to T-Bone junction was stupid easy. Anyone who can't figure that out gets an automatic fail. With that out of the way, I figure I've earned a little rest and relaxation.

So hey - the dudes dressed in mech armour - they are kind of fun, right? I almost hope to run into more of those guys.

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