After consulting with the village healer (Zed) and village elder (TK), it seemed that I should try to settle the dispute they seemed to have with a local hoodlum who went by the alias of 'Nine Toes'. My plan was to visit him at his place and hopefully come to some form of resolution to their dispute. Of course, this meant dealing with some of the rampant wildlife that seems to breed faster than rabbits in Georgia.

I arrived at Nine Toes' establishment and was greeted with a pack of rabid animals that I was forced to dispatch in order to ensure my safety. This in turn angered a pair of shotgun weilding midgets who promptly attacked. Again, they were dispatched. Things were not looking up for the scheduled meeting with Mr. Nine Toes.

I knew this was not going to be a productive meeting when he then sent out bodyguards to attack me. At the time I was busy checking out a suspicious looking vending machine and was caught off guard. Luckily, the armaments recovered from the village elder's stash proved to be more than adequate for the job and they were also quickly dispatched. By this point I had concluded that the odds of having a non-violent resolution to this problem were pretty low. At best I hoped to beat him down to a point where he would at least be willing to be reasoned with.

This was not to be. When I finally met Mr. Nine Toes, he unleashed two more attack dogs on me. It appears that he plays on a sporting team of some sort as he was wearing protective gear on his face but not really anyplace else. Like most drug users I have had to deal with on peacekeeping missions, he really wasn't much of a threat, but I was unable to subdue him and he died in the pacification process.

At least the village elder and healer will be pleased with the outcome.

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