This morning, as planned, I visited the Baron at Thor. He was pretty hospitable right up until the end where somehow he got a lucky shot on me. I wasn't very pleased about that so I returned quickly to finish the job. He's not so tough without his friends and I had been rushing it.

Still no love from the red chests. Just pathetic really.

Undaunted I hurried out of Thor only to encounter Crimson Lance dudes! That sure surprised me as I was certain I cleared the area just moments ago. They must have been hot on my heels. As it turns out, they just weren't that far away to begin with. No matter, they all have the deadness now.

On my way to the backdoor cave I got sidetracked at the vehicle depot guarded by more of these crimson dudes. You know how it goes, you start sniping one because he's giving you hassles, the others all line up like ducks and well, things happen. I finished the last guy with my car though, just to change it up a bit. Ever wish that you could just wound folks and then beat information out of them like in cop movies? Oh right, they wouldn't have had anything useful to say.

There was a red chest upstairs here and I think this is where I got an okay Jacobs sniper rifle. Jacobs are ok I guess, but I do prefer a slightly higher rate of fire than once every two seconds. Grabbing that I headed off to the backdoor cave which as it turned out, was a cakewalk with my trusty Patton for a sidearm. Most of the time the quarters were too close to use a proper sniper rifle to good use. Bloodwing worked well here though, knowing to hit the ants from behind for instant results. Such a good pet.

Master McCloud. What can I say about this loser other than I took his cannon? I noticed that his pals had their eardrums gouged out - probably so they didn't have to listen to him talk. Bloodwing got a piece of that action too, just for kicks. It was at this time I noted that I don't use grenades nearly enough. Must make a note to do that.

This brought me to Crimson Fastness, my buddy's favorite farming area. I fixed up this moaning robot because unfortunately I can't do good work with all that sobbing in the background. Finally this time the red chests were kind to me - nothing specific I wanted but certainly not junk either. I got lots of goodies to sell, now all I need is a quality vendor to purchase from. Anyway, that rounded out my morning - Tomorrow I spend more time in Fastness I guess.

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