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Back Story
Settled in the year 5252, the colony world of Pandora has been stripped of its vast mineral resources and abandoned. Now only wayward colonists and unemployed criminals-turned-bandits seek their riches on Pandora, seeking the fabled Vault that hides the treasures of a long-forgotten alien race.
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Previously in Borderlands
Lilith, Mordecai, Brick, and Roland, with the help of archaeologist Patricia Tannis, find the artifacts needed to open the Vault. The crew is manipuled by Atlas Corporation and Commandant Steele, who open the Vault, releasing The Destroyer, a godlike beast imprisoned long ago. Helped by the Guardian Angel, revealed to be speaking through a Hyperion Corporation satellite, the team defeats the Destroyer. Five years later, Borderlands 2 begins.
The characters of Borderlands

New Classes
Four new heroes and three new classes join the game. The Siren class returns with Maya replacing Lilith. Axton, Salvador, and Zer0 round out the crew as the Commando, Gunzerker, and Assassin respectively. In mid October, look for Gaige the Mechromancer to join the team as DLC.

More Guns
With a procedurally generated weapon system and a load of stats, Gearbox estimated that Borderlands featured over 17,750,000 weapon variations. Borderlands 2 features a load of new weapon types, looks, and augmentations for even more guns. 870 Gajillion more guns to be exact.
Weapon Manufacturers

Borderlands has its own set of procedurally generated group of "baddies", but Borderlands 2 really opens up Pandora to reveal its nastier side. Bandits and Skags still roam the wastes, joined by the new Crystalisk, Varkid, and the infamous Terramorphous the Invincible. Get ready and grab some friends, you have a horde of enemies to kill.

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