Vault Hunters Wanted! The time has come to launch "This Week in Borderlands", a new show that highlights some of the awesome content each you are finding in Borderlands 2! For this first season, we are focusing on the game's "gazillion" guns.

First up: SHOTGUNS

Have an awesome rare shotgun you found and want to show it off? Have a favorite shotgun you've been using for ages, or maybe you just want to reveal the awesome ways you use your shotgun of choice? Share it with us!

Here is how it will work:

1. Get some video capture software or set up a video camera pointed at your screen. We want you to snag video! See X-Fire, Fraps, Growler Guncam, & WeGame for some PC options. Try to get 720p video is possible The higher quality the better!

2. Record your weapon! Be sure to show us the stat details and then follow that up with some action shots. We want to see your weapon in action! Feel free to submit more than one gun, just be sure they are in different videos!

3. Upload the video to YouTube! Or, if you'd rather send in the file, contact me on my talk page and we'll work something out.

4. Leave us a link to your video in the comments to this blog by the due date! The due date is this time next week, 10/3/2012.

5. Next week, we will highlight your content for all to see! The week after that, we will put together a montage showing off your best work and announce the next "This Week in Borderlands" weapon challenge!

Think big! Try to outdo yourself! We are thrilled to see what guns you have found and what awesome footage you have to show us. Until next week, good luck Vault Hunters!

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