A couple weeks ago we asked you to send in your videos of your favorite Shotguns in Borderlands 2. While we only received a few videos, I made a montage of the content anyway! Check out these three cool weapons below in the video (listed in my personal preference. Where can I find a talking gun!?)

ALSO! Next Week in Borderlands, we are focusing on Submachine Guns! Create your videos and leave links to them in the comments below! The more we get the better. Later, I'll patch together another highlight reel showing off your awesome weaponry!

Want to know how to submit and showw off your SMG? LEARN HOW HERE!

Borderlands 2 (VG) (2012) - This Week in Borderlands - Shotguns03:04

Borderlands 2 (VG) (2012) - This Week in Borderlands - Shotguns

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