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What is Zer0?

Jakson212 September 17, 2013 User blog:Jakson212

Ok. I haven't played BL2 But i have read tons of stuff on it and seen tons of videos about it and one thing stills makes me confused to this day: What is zer0? He is probably not human from what we have gathered in-game. But is he really an alien? Maybe a cyborg. Or an alien thats native tounge simply sounds like our human haiku? Post you're theorys here. I'd love to hear what other people think. And a small note: On zer0s page it mentions that during an event poeple asked tannis what zer0 is. She had some paper that had a ripped piece involving his real name (because she says it isn't his true name) and his race. I would like to assume this is her crazed prediction due to some of the... info, we have on her.

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