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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    I had a love hate relation with Gaige. Initially i loved her cause of deathtrap. Then i hated her as DT was not a tank. Then i loved her again as with moxxi guns (kitten) & DT's help was excellent for mobbing. Then in Digistruct Peak, was turning out to be a failure. Elemental guns were not killing things fast enough. And i was dying a lot. A LOT.

    But then something happened. I dumped elemental and got myself a DPUH. Rest everything remained almost same. And was back on the killing train. Things started dropping fast. Not because of DPUH but DT. He was on a rampage, so was I. Rest of the team was enjoying vacation.

    And today, after a gap of a month, tried Digistruct Peak as my Gaige was stuck in OP7 for quite sometime. Failing to get past Du…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar
    1. Twister is a rare drop from OOO aka Omnd-Omnd-Ohk (hate that name).
    2. OOO can only evolve from Badass Savage (Badass Savage --> SBA Savage --> UBA Savage --> OOO) when leveled up by Witch Doctor.
    3. If UB Savage heals (healing trail) instead of turning into OOO when leveled up, it can’t turn into OOO. Just like Vermi.
    4. OOO is extremely rare hence 4p trick is highly recommended. Still it’ll take more than one hour even if using this guide.
    5. Twister’s drop rate is around 20-25%. So 4-5 kills should result in a drop.
    6. Witch doctor will do the tornado/twister act after each level up.
    7. If 2 level ups are performed on any savage within a couple of seconds, the second level up will not be registered.
    8. Witch doctor only levels up the Savage group it is part of. So…
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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Why crazy? Well, BL2 was crazy fun. So should be BL3. And i believe best way to make BL3 "crazy" is to add my ideas ;)

    1. [More RPG] By RPG i don't mean talking about some dude's personal life or if he like Coffee or Soft Drinks. I need to take down a boss. I can either go head to head against it at full strength or do a side quest to weaken him or disable some of its attacks before taking him down. Possibilities are infinite. 2
    2. [My Game, My Way] How i reach a new area say Arid Nexus Badlands is upto me. I can either overload the pumps and hit the pipe with my vehicle or fight my way through some Rat infested tunnel to Badlands. Give me the choice and i'll find my way out but both ways will have one thing in common: Both will be fun.
    3. [Feature fro…
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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    We know GBX has announced they are hiring for BL3, and production on the game is yet to be started.

    True right? Wrong. Production = coding, artist work, etc. Concept and story are things that could be done a long time ago. And i believe before Burch left, he already made a nice script of where BL3 will be heading next. Why i am saying this?

    Tales from the Borderlands is part of the Borderlands universe. i.e. you make changes in that game and whatever appears next will inhert those very changes. If not, Pre-sequel would have Roland alive and kicking. And the reason Borderlands 2 has been wildly successful because it brings back memories and tells stories. Some of them that was not part of the game (like attack on new heaven, nisha killing bri…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    When The Pre-sequel was announced on 9th April, one of the biggest doubt i had was is this a money grab attempt. When the characters were revealed i was 101% sure my doubts turned into surety but then i had this little tinkering feeling back in my head as why will 2K Australia risk itself to grab some money. It existed mainly as a part of Irrational Games and now its independent (from Irrational) one bad games will force 2K to close that studio. Still i openly expressed my doubts as did many others but i didn't left hope as the effect of a bad game is far bigger and greater than a poorly executed DLC (like hammerlock's dlc was really boring and poor) and will effect 2K, 2K Aus as well as Gearbox. Gearbox will outsource its best game franch…

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