I remember first doing it more than a year ago with my Siren in PT1. Everything went fine till i hit round 5. To say it was absolute allround an ass kicking will be an understatement. It was brutal. 7 wayes of non stop enemies but also badass surveyors, super badass loaders & wait.... 3 constructors. Was really fun but only if you can hold your nerves. Not as difficult as Magic Slaughter but with a big badass sitting in the middle protected by 3 overhead turrets, at least 5 badass surveyors and a series of loaders, this was one of a kind wave. And if you failed to dispatch it in time, congrats a second normal constructor will make an appearance.

Today i pulled off a stunning victory in a single sitting going from round 1 to 5 all guns blazing. Most importantly without using the bee. Yah, using a bee in that fight will result in 2 things: anything you shoot dies and you die if anything bigger than a bullet hits you. My biggest concern about ammo management was solved by 2 infinity (rapid & caustic), health regen with chain lightning & grog and finally the constructors as well as overhead turrets which pose as the ultimate form of nuisance with the help of a corrosive lyuda.

Another point may have helped me take down the bots so fast: i resec my skills removing points from sub-sequence & thoughtlock and instead going for wreck & minds eye. along with a sheriff badge, my infinity was firing like 20 bullets per second. ripping apart ultimate badass loaders in seconds. But this helps mostly against the constructor as wreck made the already fast lyuda to empty its drum in half the time. constructor? dead in 5sec. badass constructor? 3sec. it was strange because BA constructor died way too fast. also recovered from FFYL when got hit by a BA surveyor by firing a single lyuda round at the same surveyor. I almost skipped a heartbeat there as it was really close to failing that round.

For BA surveyos, i went with a practicable CC and also chain lightning took them down in 2-3 throws which was really great as well as unexpected actually considering their health. same for engineers, phaselock one to slag the group with 2 chain lightning took them out completely allowing to focus on the more immediate threat. I was also using an antagonist for its massive capacity and homing slag spikes slagging without having to switch to slagga while my phaselock cools down.

Now its time to complete round 5 with my Psycho who was going great till round 5 wave 7 maybe when the overhead turrets and badass constructor made sure i lose the round. With Psycho it'll be new challenges and new adventures but it'll be fun and thats what matters. 

Until next time. Cya.

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