Let me first tell you I am just an average B2 player. Not one of those raid boss killers.

"Wheres my AR. I want to kill the guy who designed this idiot" was the first impression after playing as Krieg for a couple of hours. Its not like something went wrong. For me the decision to get this guy felt wrong. So how all this started? Lets talk.

So got the Krieg DLC soon after it was released. Watched the trailers and was really surprised at how he butchered the crap out of those rats. Started the game and reached lv5 in no time and then i hit the first wall, head first.

"Buzzaxe cooldown - 120sec". Excuse me !!! 120sec cooldown? GBX are you out of your freaking mind? 2min cooldown for action skill? what nonsense is this? Then i started checking the skills for a cooldown skills but none existed. It felt like 1st april, again. I sat there for a moment infront of the monitor with both my hands on my head wondering if this was a joke or a money grab attempt by GBX. You have a class but can't use the skill. Why? because the cooldown is freaking 2min with no cooldown skill.

Ok, enough. started playing again and soon after beating Flynt reached lv6 and guess what? 2nd wall. again head first. This time went though his skill points in a bit more details.

Hellborn - light enemies on fire and get light your ass on fire too.

Me - this is too much for 1 day. i don't want to live in this world.

Mania - increase health. add shield recharge delay.

Me - F**K me. sorry you.

Bloodlust - mag size increase for each stack.

Me - poof. finally a skill that doesn't outright kill me.

Returned to the game and kept on playing. Once in the middle resec my skill and went full on hellborn (back then i had no idea about Moxxi gun's healing) and as (un) expected death was swift and fast. Mania and reacharge delay increase = death increases even more. Back to sanctuary and straight to bloodlust. It was only after reaching reaching TVHM i figured out about Moxxi's gun and various other factor. In short, i found this wiki and at the same time joined Gearbox Forum.

(MAD) Adventures while in TVHM coming up in part 2.

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