"Wheres my AR. I want to kill myself because i tried killing the guy who designed this Vault Hunter" was the reaction after i was halfway though the game in Playthrough II.

Soon after i started PT2 with Krieg i came to know of this wiki and helped me greatly. PT2 was still a difficult journey for Krieg but with lot of fun elements. Having studied his skills in details i was able to make a game plan but the best part was, i got a better (was using a lv20 leg) Legendary Psycho class mod early on. This further enhanced the damage and now with a good lot of skills unlocked i was able to boost 6 skills simultaneously unlike PT1 where i was mainly focussed on bloodlust tree despite having a legendary mod.

This time around i also know which and the type of quest rewards and ended with a Slag Rubi (non-evasive). Couple that with the famous shotgun Blockhead, Pandora knew Krieg has arrived. This time ready to strip the fleash and salt the wounds. Mhm. sorry, that was Krieg speaking for me. I mean settle scores with the things that treated me like a noob in PT1. I didn't play any of the DLC in PT2 so was missing the Kitten but because enemy health and shield were not really high, a couple of shotgun bucks eat though everything even without Slag.

The most memorable fight was with BNK3R. I stood in 1 place and shot it down while it fired at me with its massive cannon/gun/whatever it was while Brick was shouting at asking me to move to cover. My shield was down and i did went into FFYL because of bul loaders ramming my ass over and over again. By then i realized, Boy O Boy, this guy will rock come UVHM. The tide has changed. Anything (and i mean almost anything) that can take elemental damage was going down in front of me at the blink of an eye. Agreed me included, most of the time because of my own stupidity as well uninvited guests (read BA Pyre Thresher).

I have to say i did experiment with the Mania tree once but it was not that much fun. I was enjoying getting myself on fire then hammering the crap out of enemies rather than throwing buzzaxes. Even RTB didn't feel quite ok. Maybe i was too fond of guns and yes, i wanted more gun. MORE GUNS.

More in PT3. Thanks for reading.

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