Beating a raid boss in first try is like a dream come true. Today afternoon i made my dream come true. I had fought Dexi before in normal mode with my Siren 2 times with once going against it right before i tried it in UVHM. The reason was to plan a strategy and kick out weak and nonsense ideas out. This is a 1vs1 battle so there is no room for error even though its fought in the open.

What i discovered in normal mode: Dexi's corrosive orb attack can damage you inside the lodge. way inside the lodge. the orb has super massive radius to that of novas. And any direct hit means upto 50% damage in normal mode. In UVHM it'll be game over in a single hit so needed to find a safe place. loadge was out of question first try. First time i fought Dexi i noticed that he can't cross the ledge but because of the totems location didn't fought again. Too much running + wastage of 100 eridiums. But that bit was all i needed. This time i tested it over and over again to find just the right location i need to stand to avoid getting hit while i was free to take shots at his critical spots. Used Lyuda, Lady Fist, Sandhawk and what not but ended up using the Infinity. Simply spray and pray it hits. No question asked. Add a bee and any hit to his critical spot means massive damage.

So once killed switched back to UVHM and started the fight. There was several intervals as some drifters got too attracted to my siren even downing me once but soon i got back and continued the fight. Total fight took 10min or slightly more. The drop was crap. Absolute crap. 20+ green items with a few blue & purple. No seraph, legendary or even the twister. Will go back and fight him again sometime and will check if he drops me the Twister. Chopper is a no go. Useless gun.

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