Truth to be told i am not too fond of E-tech guns other than those rocket launchers which shoot 3 huling ball of fire. I have at least 3 Slow Hand but never liked it. Also almost all the E-tech missions rewards i get are immediately thrown into the veds. I just can't take the slow projectile speed. But recently started a new playthrough of Krieg and at the very beginning got a Splasher Blashter and found myself addicted to it. Burned anything that came in my path. And that was it. My though about E-tech changed quite a bit but not much about dart & spiker. those were useless before and even now. Same for blaster rifles as i prefer a vladof elemental/torgue gun over those laser guns. railer too didn't impress me. But plasma caster were a different breed.

Later in the game got hold of a Tediore corrosive plasma caster with a 1.4sec reload speed. And that was it. Reload-throw. Heck, even BNK3R felt it. Now i have 2 plasma caster on my lv33 Krieg and must say, i was a dumb to ignore plasma casters. Granted, with maya i play at a distance but with Krieg its a whole different story all together. Playing close quarter fights, a tediore plasma caster = better than DPUH. Because? REASONS.

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