• Kkslidermen SUCK

    November 11, 2010 by Kkslidermen

    now hello my fellow wikian's, (not sticking with that) i am here to tell you why Atlas suck's...a-lot.

    Now,i'm not just going to bicker on about it,you tell me what you think.Now, on to the main act...

    now,have you seen that everyome just does not like them? I mean that if you go to New Haven (after you kill Baron whatever) you will notice that all them named folk there just bicker on how the crimson lance are prick's.On top of that,one of the thing's Scooter say's is...something like "them bucket monkey's outta knock down wat they done"...crazy. But still i say that they dont just suck,but no in game people like them...also.the lance are cool but the fact that they somewhat are the ATLAS. corp make you just want to...hit steele with a baseb…

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