• Kovacslorand6

    I know that the last attempt failed,however this DLC 5 theory wont.

    Vladof has been running various experiments involving nuclear materials in its claim on Pandora. However,an accident occurred,and the corporation had to evacuate the workforce and deploy its PMC,the Vladof Revolutionaries. The Vault Hunters are later contacted to help the corporation's troops in defeating the mutants.

    • New,moderately large areas with 'scary' features
    • New enemies,mutated by radiation
    • 4 new Pearlescents and other 'awesome stuff'

    • Vladof Fiefdom
    • The Coast
    • Workforce Town
    • Corporate Claim-Yard
    • Radiation Science Lab

    • Rad-Skags
    • Rad-Rakks
    • Rad-Spiderants
    • Rad-Crab Worm Larvae
    • Rad-Bandits
    • Rad-Vladof Troopers

    • Vladof Sickle- Legendary Repeater Pistol
    • Vladof Patriot-Legendary Machine Gun
    • V…

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  • Kovacslorand6

    The Dahl Feudalism

    October 14, 2010 by Kovacslorand6

    This is a piece of original work I made inspired by User:Uberorb's S&S Laboratories. I will now unleash the AWESOMENESS OF A PROPOSED DLC 5.

    Intro Scene

    Marcus:After our heroes stopped the Claptrap Revolution,Hyperion eventually lost interest in the Vault Hunters. Later on however,the Dahl Corporation arrived to annex Pandora without competition...

    Kid:Were Dahl the ones who hired the crazy woman?

    Marcus:I have been asking you all this thime to shut up,now I will not tell further unless you do so!


    Marcus: Anyway the Vault Hunters...

    Kid:Didn't they find that already?



    In this story Dahl finally decided to capitalize on the ruins of former Pandoran conflicts and beco…

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