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    Hey hey I'm looking for some new gear (as the title says) so I can get an edge over my enemies. I have lots of gear that I can offer in exchange for your weapons. I do not trade weapons for weapons as I want to kepp all of my stuff so I always duplicate instead. Here are my weapons:

    Stats in order:.... damage, Accuracy, Fire rate, Magazine cap, Zoom, Element

    Machine Pistols:

    Vladof TMP2/V3 Vile Stalker 269 85.3 16.0 20 0 none

    Hyperion Lightning Nemesis 310 95.7 2.9 18 0 x4 Shock

    Atlas Pearl Troll 214 92.8 4.0 20 2.6x none

    S&S Knoxx's Gold 208x2 80.6 3.0 28 4.1x none

    Vladof Double Machine Pistol 179x2 85.0 16.0 31 4.1x none

    Combat Rifles

    Tediore Punishing Avenger 408 91.7 7.7 20 3.8x none

    S&S Glorious Serpens 290 93.9 8.8 120 0 x4 Corrosive

    Atlas Pear…

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