• Leafless

    I ran several tests with this build now and I am very pleased so far. It focuses around weapon and critical damage upgrades, while putting emphasis on Cryo damage, but not as much as other builds for her. As class mod the "Chronicler of Elpis" is a must to boost the central skills of this build.

    • Markswoman [5/5]: The critical damage upgrade can come in handy.
    • Only the Best [5/5]: Actually not needed, but 5 points need to be put into something and the additional projectile speed can come in handy.
    • Culling the Herd [5/5]: As scoring critical hits gets especially rewarding in this build, this skill makes it even more rewarding.
    • Long-Range Killer [1/1]: As sniper rifles won't be the primary weapon of this build it is unlikely to get the full bonus…

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  • Leafless

    Having seen now Nishas Skilltree I am a bit afraid of the potential the Fibber may bring to the battlefield. Specifically the version with the bullets, which shatter into 9 after hitting a surface, which made Gaige with only Close Enough and Anarchy a maniac of a beast (or was it a beast of a maniac?).

    With the capstone of her "Fan the Hammer"-tree and the ricochet skills of her "The Riflewoman"-tree (and some additional) this could be the second coming of this build...but this time with 2 guns. Only her Action Skill might lose some meaning with this, as this Fibber requires you to not hit the enemy with the initial bullet (an exception to this is the "The Riflewoman"-capstone).

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  • Leafless

    Old pictures

    August 4, 2013 by Leafless
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  • Leafless

    I tested this build in all 3 PTs and am very satisfied with the results. It focuses on using the special properties of certain pieces of equipment and amplifying them with Krieg's skills.

    • Blood-Filled Guns [5/5]: Elemental Status Effects will continuosly give you stacks and so increase the amount of ammo you have in one magazine.

    • Feed the Meat [5/5]: With a higher amount of health you can survive longer.
    • Embrace the Pain [5/5]: The increased Rate of Fire is nice, but the increased Shield Recharge Delay is the actual reason for putting points in this skill.

    • Burn, Baby, Burn [5/5]: The foundation of this skilltree and very handy for increasing the Burn-damage.
    • Fuel the Fire [4/5]: To increase the chance of setting yourself on fire.
    • Numbed Nerves […

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  • Leafless

    Absolute Rage

    May 25, 2013 by Leafless

    I tested this build in all 3 PTs and am very satisfied with the results. It focuses on the boosting of Krieg's melee damage and his Buzz Axe Rampage.

    • Blood-Filled Guns [5/5]: It isn't really important which 1st tier skill you choose.
    • Taste of Blood [5/5]: Gain stacks extremely fast and boost your defense to survive even longer.
    • Buzz Axe Bombardier [1/1]: To kill the enemies, which are too hard to melee efficently.
    • Fuel the Blood [5/5]: The melee attacks during the rampage trigger it, the stacks from this skill and Taste
    • Boiling Blood [5/5]: It triggers each time you earn a stack, so it helps to keep them high during combat.
    • Nervous Blood [4/5]: After leaving rampage this skill is useful to swiftly reload your slag weapon.
    • Bloodsplosion [1/1]: Becau…

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