Axton - Immortal Trio

The blood of worms and wyrms work the same way.

(all skills already include the bonus of the recommended class mod)


Sentry [9/5] - It's shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting...will it ever stop?

Ready [5/5] - Time to reloa.....already done.

Laser Sight [5/5] - Where is the enemy? I only see walls of criticals.

Willing [5/5] - My shield is gone? What are ya talkin' about? It is full as you can see.

Scorched Earth [1/1] - The land shall burn, like the toast I made last week.


Impact [5/5] - My gun....Ya its bullets hurt very much.

Expertise [5/5] - I intensify the pace...just for the ladies


Healthy [9/5] - Yes ladies...all parts of this body are full of vigor.

Preparation [3/5] - Protection is in all situations important kids!

Last Ditch Effort [5/5] - Before I die, will take you all with me! Wtf!? I get revived by killing them? Was easy enough.

Pressure [5/5] - Reloading my weapons and my shields...and the blood running down my body makes those movements pretty smooth.

Phalanx Shield [1/1] - No guy will penetrate this girls hymen...eeeh...shield.

Resourceful [5/5] - Finally a girl that won't let you wait for all eternity.

Mag-Lock [1/1] - Other people also pin stuff they like on the fridge with magnets.

Gemini [1/1] - Now we know, that twins are ten times the fun in at least 2 ways.

Recommended Equipment:

Class Mod:

  • Slayer of Terramorphous is needed to use this builds full potential, since Axtons 1st tier skills are exceptionally strong
    • The "Legendary Commando"-Mod pulls out even more power, but is way harder to get in return.


  • a relic that shortens the cooldown of the action skill is absolutely needed


This builds intention is to keep Axton alive under all circumstances, while also dealing substantial damage with his turrets.

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