And their rage was like thunder

Do highschool girls dream of electric destruction? This one surely does.

This build was thoroughly tested by me.


"Best Friends Forever"-Tree:

  • Cooking UP Trouble [5/5]: This skill is practically required in every of Gaiges build, because health regeneration is always awesome.
  • The Better Half [5/5]: We need something on the way to Upshot Robot and this one saved Gaiges cute butt several times.
  • Upshot Robot [1/1]: Deathtrap should stay close to you as long as possible.

"Little Big Trouble"-Tree:

  • More Pep [5/5]: Status Effects are always nice, so this will help to use them more often.
  • The Stare [1/1]: His gaze is hot and fortunately it doesn't meets yours.
  • Strength of Five Gorillas [4/5]: You get stronger. He gets stronger. Who cares about you, as long as he gets stronger?
  • Electrical Burn [5/5]: Your crackling beauty will ignite their love for just ignites their flesh.
  • Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!" [1/1]: She really fills the air with crackle, while reloading her gun with a sexy pose.
  • One Two Boom [1/1]: Some guys throw a party, he throws orbs of deadly energy.
  • Wires Don't Talk [5/5]: Your guns get stronger! long as they are electric ones. Hooray to restrictions!
  • Interspersed Outburst [5/5]: It...I have no fun comment for this one...It is simply strong and useful.
  • Make it Sparkle [1/1]: So Deathtrap will always have the right element for his special dance long as you bring the right gun.

"Ordered Chaos"-Tree:

  • Smaller, Lighter, Faster [4/4]: This way she can strike her sexy reloading pose more often...
  • Anarchy [1/1]: I was forced to take this really no fan.
  • Robot Rampage [1/1]: Spin wild round on the dance floor...the dance floor is made out of their corpses.


This build is the glorious middle way of playing Gaige. You rely both on DT and yourself. Relying only on Deathtrap is something for lazy asses. Fighting all by yourself is for idiots, who dig their own graves and jump right in. But doing both is the way of a genius befitting Gaige. You can cause destruction on 2 fronts effectively. Nothing more and nothing less.

Recommended Equipment

  • Wepon: A gun of all 4 elements should be at hand to utilise "Make it Sparkle" to its fullest. The gun with the shock element should be exceptionally strong, since this one will be your main gun (a pistol or shotgun would be especially good for this purpose).
  • Shield: A shield from Tediore, Anshin, Maliwan or Vladof are the best choice for this build.
  • Class Mod: A Zapper- or Technophile-Mod supports this build very well. The "Legendary Mechromancer"-Mod works well too, just that it is pretty hard to obtain.
  • Relic: A relic that speeds up the cooldown rate of Deathtrap or heightens shock damage supports the gameplay of this build.

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