Blood Soaked Maiden


Best Friends Forever

  • Close Enough [5/5]: Try to actually hit something with -1050% accuracy and without this skill...except for the case, that you like to cuddle with your enemies all the time.
  • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5]: The blood on your shields needs to come from somewhere.
  • Fancy Mathematics [1/5]: The recommended Class Mod will push it up!
  • Potent as a Pony [5/5]: More health is never bad.
  • Upshot Robot [1/1]: Deathtrap wants to get stronger too!
  • Explosive Clap [1/1]: Stay away from Gaige!
  • Made of Sterner Stuff [5/5]: Defense and Offense!
  • 20% Cooler [5/5]: 20% cooler and 30% more reliable.
  • Sharing is Caring [1/1]: A good defense becomes sometimes a good offense.

Little Big Trouble

  • Myelin [5/5]: No matter how often you can recharge your shields, they should still be as strong as possible.

Ordered Chaos

  • Smaller, Lighter, Faster [4/4]: We need it and we love it to reload it faster and more often.
  • Anarchy [1/1]: She summons the God of Anarchy....
  • Preshrunk Cyberpunk [5/5]: ...and becomes his vessel!
  • Blood Soaked Shields [2/5]: Give a drip of blood and fill it up a second later with a nice sip of the cooked up trouble.
  • Discord [1/1]: Sometimes you need to sacrifice a part of your power in times of crisis.
  • Typecast Iconoclast [5/5]: Stock up your power..Faster!
  • Rational Anarchist [1/1]: For those moments full of discord
  • The Nth Degree [1/5]: Why should some bullets be married to one corpse forever? Polygamy for bullets!



  • A shotgun from Jakobs with a high pellet-count, small mag and fast reloading speed
  • Conference Call is the chosen child of the god of ricocheting bullets
  • Heart Breaker is a good gun, because of its fantastic ammo-pellet-ratio
  • Butcher ....and they'll become minced meat
  • A Fibber with the ricocheting property will offer you a new world of damage.


Class Mod:

Ways to raise stacks fast

  • the shooting range in Marcus shop
  • low level areas in normal mode (not really useful, except for Raid-Bosses)
    • especially Tundra Express is great for this purpose because of its nearly endless supply of weak Varkids


Deathtrap has also an important role in this build. He will be the distraction for a part of your enemies, while you get closer to them and he also pulls their fire at him...So call him Deadtrap.

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