Talk to the Claw

Why should I spill my cocoa? He will spill their blood!

This build was thoroughly tested.

Planned Use

The thought behind this build is to upgrade Deathtrap as far as possible (with the current Levelcap), especially adding several attack-abilities.


"Best Friends Forever"-Tree

"Little Big Trouble"-Tree

  • More Pep [3/5] - Not as good as a flickering siren, but she does her best
  • Myelin [5/5] - Both the weak (Gaige) and the strong (DT) need strong shields
  • The Stare [1/1] - He surely has a hot gaze.
  • Strength of Five Gorillas [5/5] - DEATHTRAP GETS STRONGER!...and you too
  • Shock and "AAAGGGGHHH!" [1/1] - She really is a hottie, especially the electric crackling around her while reloading.
  • One Two Boom [1/1] - He throws parties....and energy orbs...

The 1 Point remaining

Most of you guys are smarter, than the guys on Pandora, so you must have noticed, that 1 Point wasn't invested so far. This 1 Point is either for "More Pep" or for the currently bugged "Buck Up". If the bug gets ever fixed, then invest in the 2nd skill.


  • Relic: A relic that lowers the action skill cooldown is surely the best choice for this build.
  • Classmod: A "Roboteer"-Mod is a good choice for this build, but the "Legendary Mechromancer"-Mod is the best choice, just that it is pretty hard to get.


  • The builds name is a reference to the iconic line "Talk to the hand" and its use in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines".
  • The text under the picture is a reference to her 2nd Echo Log before her release.

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