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Zer0 build - Bl00dy Bl0ss0m Gale

Leafless September 24, 2012 User blog:Leafless
  • Bl00dy Bl0ss0m Gale/
  • Y0u see me and y0u are dead/
  • N0t seen, same result.

This build is for players, who don't want to be far away from the bloodshed both in solo-play and coop-play.

Cunning-Tree [This tree will give you the main source of power in this build.]

  • Fast Hands - Swapping and reloading your weapons faster is essential to survive (especially to get a 2nd Wind)
  • Ambush - Your teammates and holographic decoy are prettier than you, so noone will look at you.
  • Rising Sh0t - Stack, stack, stack! More damage = good.
  • Innervate - Since noone sees you, you can run around like a madman and take a breather.
  • Tw0 Fang - A real master can pull the trigger twice, while anyone thinks you just pulled it once. [Not even the ammo count will notice.]
  • Death Bl0ss0m & Death Mark - The kunai hurt, their explosions hurt and the mark makes it even worse. It is a powerful support for your allies too, without getting too close.
  • Unf0rseen (only 2/5) - Not really necessary, but somewhere the points have to go.

Bloodshed-Tree [You are powerful, but killing your enemies makes you even more powerful.]

  • Ir0n Hand - Somewhere we have to start and more life is never bad.
  • Grim - You are really a shy guy. You even kill someone just to cover yourself under a shield and Decepti0n once again.
  • F0ll0wthr0ugh - Dead enemies are like cookies. One just isn't enough and from the 2nd onward you chew them down way faster.
  • Execute - If you really want to end Decepti0n, then make it with a fine cut.

Comments of the creator

  • "I recommend the classmod, that gives a bonus to Unf0rseen and F0ll0wthr0ugh."
  • "I tested out this build and beat nearly everything of the game [except for The Invincible]."
  • "I wrote the haiku myself...."

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