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    I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I have reason to believe that the minor Twitter flame war that erupted earlier this week because of Patch 1.2.0's Bee nerf controversy and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's referring to dissenters and naysayers as "e-terrorists" may have involved Gearbox using a dummy Twitter account to emotionally manipulate its own fanbase to a certain extent.

    Thoughts and opinions would be welcome. I'd like reassurance that I'm not being paranoid or going crazy. :(

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    Disclaimer 1: A quick check on YouTube and IGN has confirmed that other gamers have discovered this glitch independently of me already and found more effective ways of exploiting this than I ever dreamed of.

    Disclaimer 2: I bear no responsibility for anything that might happen if you attempt this trick and end up losing weapons and accessories, so you've been warned. :P

    Long story short, I believe I've discovered a way to gain theoretically infinite bank storage space in Borderlands 2, but lack the time, patience, and skill to explore how far this can be taken.

    In a nutshell, here's how this insanely easy trick works:

    1. Max out both your bank space and backpack inventory slots.

    2. Ensure that every inventory slot in both is filled.

    3. Proceed to "ov…

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