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hay whats going on guys ive already done a fnaf blog so now lets talk about... BORDERLANDS only 1 because i havent played the others just yet so now .. i give you. . my thoughts....

so borderlands one... how can i put it... a masterpiece. it was probbly thee most interactive game that ive played and its not the kind of shooter youd think it is... borderlands has a feel of well... adventure like true adventure. so in the beguining you get greeted by an amazinng cutseen and an awsome charicter choise... i chose mordecai and my friend played as roland with for us is the best combo... so after a bit of beating boses in fyrestone you go to new areas and new places and its just a blast! so i played more and more until we were ready to fight moe and molly... a bit later i got a fire pistol that i still have!!!!! it only did 28 damage and a bit after my pistol prof was so high that i killed bosses with it... then we got to the end... probly the best thing ever... and we did it... and i got the final kill... the boss... the destroyer and then we ended it there...

i rate it 10/10 one of the best games ive played...

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